Welcome to the HealthSTAR Spotlight!

Hopefully you have had a chance to go through the brand new HealthSTAR Strategic Engagements website. The launching of this website has been a long time coming. In HSE’s 21-year history, this is the first full website to be launched just for this company. HSE is a part of the HealthSTAR Communications network.

At HealthSTAR, we are proud to be a full-service marketing communications company. HealthSTAR Communications has been in business nearly 3 decades and we continue to be industry leaders. HealthSTAR has 3 distinct divisions:

HealthSTAR Strategic Engagements, the strategic and tactical promotional events business, is quickly approaching its two-millionth live promotional speaker event since its inception in 1998. Combined with unparalleled service, our industry-leading 10th generation proprietary events platform, MER360®, is built to support all HCP compliant events, enforce business rules, and capture all transactional data vital to our clients.

HealthSTAR Fusion Group is the medical education and communications group focusing on innovative content and strategy. Often Fusion works with the Strategic Engagement Group in developing content tailored to the right message for the events we execute on our clients’ behalf.

Centron is the award-winning advertising agency of record. Centron specializes in the oncology and rare disease therapeutic categories. Centron is in the middle of its second decade and is an expert in the branding creative services space.

The HealthSTAR Spotlight will be an active “Blog” where we will keep up-to-date information about the recent activities across the HealthSTAR Communications Network. We look forward to sharing our successes, our people, and our culture.

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HealthSTAR Fusion Group

The HealthSTAR Fusion Group website is currently under construction.

For more information about medical strategy, please contact us at marketing@healthstarcom.com.

Thank you!